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Methadone Therapy

Methadone Therapy

This methadone therapy program is aimed at professional counselors and doctors. Some visitors here may find it too technical

This is a review of a program on methadone therapy (counseling) with the use of Network Therapy in the treatment of addiction problems including narcotic dependence. This program was originally from series of videos to help doctors prescribe suboxone for opioid treatment. To view the video you can go here.

I think this webinar is going to be really boring for the average person or patient. That said, it is a good review for therapists and clinicians wanting to know more about methadone therapy (counseling) with network therapy. Dr. Galanter has written book chapters and done research in this area of therapy and his knowledge shows.

For patients who are not wanting to attend individual therapy, step programs, or CBT , this is another choice you can review with your physician. She will be able to provide or tell you a counselor who will provide this therapy.

What is methadone therapy (counseling) using network therapy? It is a very simple idea. Take a client wishing to get off narcotics and build a small group of supportive people they know that will provide support and help. This group will meet regularly with the doctor to discuss their progress. It is a nonjudgemental therapy. Medication: methadone or suboxone may be used with this treatment.

Methadone Therapy (Counseling) with Network Therapy Main Points:

  • Family and Peer support is Network Therapy
  • Review of different types of behavioral conditioning
  • Help lead the individual to remember what triggered the drug use previously
  • Getting network therapy to work
  • How to put together the network with family and friends
  • Monitoring and supporting the group
  • Appointments with the network
  • Use of reinforcements
  • Patient focused, not family focused
  • Partner Involvement
  • Preventing Relapse
  • This does not involve psychodynamic psychotherapy

Methadone Therapy (Counseling) | Network Therapy Review

I found this methadone therapy (counseling) program helpful. I have used this in my own clinic to some extent. I believe that it can be helpful and can be used before other counseling approaches if desired. The main limitation to this network therapy is the availability of the group . It can take a lot of effort to bring together a network, meet on a regular basis, and cover everything. Weekly and monthly visits for all could be a problem. This is a stress on the capability of all those in the group to make the appointments. Despite this counseling approach being nonjudgemental, I do see it as a type of group pressure and accountability. Some clients may want another less stressful therapy approach.

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