Sub to Methadone

Author: TwinCitiesHardcore

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:02 pm

Did you switch to Buprenorphine from any dose of hydrocodone or like less than 100mgish of Oxycodone daily? If so, your tollerence was likely lower than the buprenorphine ceiling and you’re feeling the potent opioid effect from buprenorphine…Your tollerence will likely reconfigure to this rather quickly if this is the issue and likely within a day or two. You could try subtracting like 1mg from what you are taking or you could try to wait it out. Methadone has an extremely substantial opioid effect as well and again if your tollerence is less than the amount you take you are going to feel the differential opioid effect until your tollerence reconfigures. I’d not jump the gun, I’d give it at least a couple weeks before I would stop anything and switch to another opioid. Let us know how things are going!