I am in ‘like’ with a suboxone addict

Author: e-hardt

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:02 pm

Jimmy~ sorry for the wording..I am trying to find my way through this, and I don’t realize all the terms. Thank you for the correction! Smile I do not take his addiction lightly, as it is all he can think about at times. I just wish to help him through it.

Hatmaker~ ok, this is what I know:
I am not sure what dose he takes or how long he has taken it. I know he said he was in active addiction for 9 years prior. He told me this when he asked me if I thought he could beat this thing on his own. (I said no)
Yes, he has been seen by a physician and put on disability for his anxiety disorder. Right now, he (should be) taking Wellbutrin. I do not know if this is the case. He did go to the hospital up here when he lost his suboxone, and they prescribed him Klonopin and Lamictal. He wants a place (clinic) that will take into account his anxiety and addiction problem both. I also believe he was scared of the withdrawl when he lost his meds. He has been through withdrawl before when he didn’t have enough meds for the month and it really scared him.
Yes, he does take it for pain also from what he said.
The way I feel about this is in his due time, he will be off. He says he wants to, and I choose to believe him. He states he wants to be a "full functioning adult, father, boyfriend and person". I also know that I can only guide him the best that I can, and not pressure him, but not enable him either. I wish for him to be off of everything like he wants, but I told him it is going to take time, but he knows this. His family is not pressuring him as far as I know, he has a real understanding Mother and great kids. He just wants to be drug free because he says he does not want to depend on anything when he gets up in the morning. I feel he should want to be off them, but he can only do this by himself, for himself.
I don’t know if he has changed since his active addiction days. Him and I have only been talking deeply for a couple of months. He has started going to a clinic near his home to get off the suboxone and back on methadone. They say it is easier to treat this way.