The black sheep=a lonely child=a confused teenager=an addict

Author: amber4.14.11

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:58 pm

Im like you,,,,I can hear that sound MILES away…….lol…..and you just know from experience after awhile what the GOOD ones sound like right, Romeo???

I went shopping with two friends of mine a few months ago, and told one of my friends to take the FKn pills outta her pocket cuz I didnt want to hear them jingle around while we were shopping. she looked at me like I was nuts…..
then tried to tell me they were just tylenol or some shit, I was like yea,, then WHY are they in your pocket, becuase your worried about my TYLENOL problem???
it didnt bother me she was ‘keeping them safe’ or what the F ever,,, but c’mon…..

anyway, she did, find another’place’ cuz I didnt hear them anymore. it DID drive me nuts though.

and even now, when Im in a store, or in line at the pharmacy, I can hear EVERYONES shit,,, I still look behind the counter, and ‘find’ all the bottles I’d stuff in a pillowcase and fucking RUN…..
we can all have fantasies I think,,, I dont act on them…..I once ALMOST did….glad I didnt though. I once did have it all planned out, but my ‘sidekick’ went to jail, got busted with H, and I never did trust anyone else enough. thank god

enough about that….
im doing my ‘homework’ for therapy next week….cuz Ill be going back to work monday,,, and I know I wont get it done. I’ll probably be DOG ASS tired the first few days,,,,Ive been REALLY lazy on this vacation,,,,just playing with my son, thats about it. I did do some laundry and helped grandma move all her furniture around. I think it was good for me to spend all this time with my kiddo though, cuz I was really feeling guilty about working so much a couple weeks ago. now I feel much better, in that department anyway.

I have alot of funny stories like that day I found those pills.
a short one would be, one of my fellow ‘nodders’ had a hard time staying awake when counting pills to me, he used to ‘display’ them on th table as he counted,,, a few times he ‘nodded out’ while counting, I ‘cleared ‘ the table off, putm in my pocket, and was like ‘dude,,, I just gave you blank money,, gimie my shit’
and he would begin counting,,, AGIAN…….lol
I knew that guy from the time I was 16 so I guess he ‘trusted’ me……lol
trust an addict….what a mistake

Oh well no harm done,,, a few times he told me,, Im like $300 short to pay my guy,,, I dunno WHAT happened…. Id say, you probly ATE too many dude….he ‘d just shake his head……