emotional since sub increase, PLEASE HELP!

Author: anxiousSN

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:37 am

slipper wrote:

anxiousSN wrote:
In February I was on .25mg subutex every two or 3 days. Almost off! Then had to go to 4mg for 1.5 wks for temp pain. Since I was on that dose for a short period of time, doc said did not build up in my system and could do a quick taper.
So I tapered down 1mg per week. By the first of March I was down to 1mg. Very smooth taper!!! No w/d’s or anything. Felt great! Then in first of March I had tooth woes , went to 4mg for 3 days and now 3mg the rest of the month. Since raising the dose I have discussed being extremely fatiqued (Didn’t feel that way at that dose before) . I am extremely emotional, cry at the drop of a hat, and worry about every thing. Has anyone else experienced this, incr.in their dose or not, above 1mg? I think my dose may be too high, esp since it was so low last month and incr. so dramatically this month. I have have never been this emotional since being on subs and I have been taking Lexapro (SSRI) for years. Is the sudden inc in dose the culprit, esp. since I was almost off subutex last month?

I don’t want the subutex to stack up in my system, especially since I feel so bad and my husband and sister say my personality has changed since I’ve been on subs.I want to feel good again and get my life back. I am having a hard time coping right now, emotionally and physically. Trying to tie an end to my rope and hold on. Dispite all this just wanted to let you know I’m not suicidal.


Dear Anxious SN,

You sound awfully nervous and upset…not to pry, but what med. were you addicted to and for how long? If you feel you are an addict you may need to just stay on the sub a while longer….what is the rush to get off?? You have had to up your sub everytime you have had a crisis with pain issues lately…what will you do without anything? Do you really think you can get your life back to normal without anything at this time in your life>>I sure don’t know…and it is surely your business for wanting to taper..just thought I would throw this out there for you to think about…anyway whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck.


I had knee surgery last may and was on percocet and loratab for 3 months. Never abused my dose, took it less than prescribed. Got down to 2 5mg loratab and couldn’t stop w/o withdrawals. Instead of tapering me off this low dose (later recommended by the company RB), my doc put me on 16mg of suboxone; extremely too high especially for someone only dependent, not addicted, on 2 tabs of 5mg loratab per day. I’ve had alot of side effects on sub until I got to 1 or 2 mg sub b/c my dose was too high. I cannot believe I’ve been on sub for almost 1 year over this and my doc keeps raising my dose over evextry little pain. He said he would be fine if I always stayed on it. I want off b/c it makes me feel horrible and has ruined my relationships. I was not addicted to the opiotes. My doc has only 3 yrs experiece with addiction treatment. Was going to switch docs but almost off it so I didn’t. Still may have to. My doc believes in using sub for pain relief and does not understand why I want to get off. My body reacts to medicines differently since being on subs, cannot tolerate others I used to be able to take. Started on 2mg yesterday , against doc orders b/c all I do is sleep. He told me to inc to 3mg 3 weeks ago for a tooth extraction. I think that’s over kill. Sorry for the long note. As you can tell I am extremely frustrated.